5 Things You Can Expect When You Choose Orthopedics Plus!

1)                 EDUCATION – Our physical therapists are experts in musculoskeletal evaluation. You can expect a thorough evaluation, a further understanding of your diagnosis and treatment options and a customized home program.


2)                 BEST PRACTICES – Our physical therapists have advanced clinical training and specializations and our facilities are outfitted with state-of –the-art equipment. You can expect treatment approaches and techniques that are evidence based and proven to give you the best chance at recovery.


3)                 HANDS-ON-CARE – We are committed to hands-on treatment and your physical therapist being actively engaged in each treatment session. You can expect treatment approaches that incorporate manual therapy techniques and modification of your treatment plan as necessary.


4)                 CONSISTENCY – We know that you and your physical therapist have coordinated a treatment plan to give you the best chance at recovery. You can expect that every effort will be made for you to be treated by the same physical therapist each of your treatment sessions.


5)                 CONVENIENCE – We have multiple locations throughout Southcentral Kentucky and when requested can offer extended business hours to accommodate your busy schedule. You can expect a location with hours that will meet your needs. Our staff will contact your insurance company and inform you of your benefits and financial responsibility prior to your appointment. Additionally, our registration and intake questionnaires are on our website to minimize registration time upon your arrival.